Our company is resolute on implementing the "Business Perfectness" model from the production phase to the end customer with a high rigor and professionalism, it continually improves its processes by feeding innovation & creativeness and undertakes a responsibility for a sustainable future.

Deceuninck who measures its success with that of its own rather than of its rivals, adheres to the principle of improving and perfecting all its processes with the projects of "EFQM Excellence Model", "6 Sigmas" and "Plain Production."  

Deceuninck, believes that the basic principle of its existence is being a pioneer, trustworthy and always preferred corporation in the sector by adhering to the requirements of quality management, continually improving its productivity, resorting to different problem solving techniques for identifying causes of errors and thus reducing quality losses, continuously training its personnel and ensuring their participation in the management, paying regard to notices by the personnel and therefore taking precautionary measures for preventing work accidents and increasing customer satisfaction.